7-Eleven Piloting Mobile Checkout

  • 7-Eleven Piloting Mobile Checkout

7-Eleven Piloting Mobile Checkout

When a customer stops by one of these 7-Eleven stores, the "Scan & Pay" feature will automatically show up in the 7-Eleven Rewards app, which can be dowloaded on Android or iPhone smartphones. The retailer's service is also integrated with its 7Rewards loyalty program, where customers can automatically earn and redeem any available points or coupons when they pay.

While items such as Slurpees and hot coffee are scannable using bar codes on different-sized cups, there are some products - such as hot foods, money orders and items that require age verification, such as alcohol, tobacco and lottery tickets - that still require human assistance.

"Scan & Pay" is meant to build customer loyalty in the 7-Eleven brand by allowing customers to skip lines and the headaches that come with them, said Gurmeet Singh, chief digital officer and chief information officer at 7-Eleven.

"We're always looking to innovate and disrupt", he said. "Customers are always on the go". How can we make every 7-Eleven a breeze? "How can they move in and out faster?"

As the following Digiday article reports, the mega C-store chain is testing a mobile self-checkout and pay app in some of its Dallas area stores.

"Americans are spending 30 billion hours waiting in line", Singh said in an interview.

Amazon Go stores, which feature cashier-less shopping, have been opening in various cities. Using the phone camera, shoppers will scan the items they want to buy, then pay for them with Apple Pay, Google Pay or a credit or debit card.

Supermarkets have traditionally been the leaders in self-scanning solutions, but convenience stores have been unexplored territory - until now. In addition to Amazon Go, mobile self-checkout has been either planned or implemented at numerous retailers.

7-Eleven has a total of 67,000 locations in 17 countries worldwide, including almost 12,000 in North America.