What are the USA midterm elections, and do they matter to us?

  • What are the USA midterm elections, and do they matter to us?

What are the USA midterm elections, and do they matter to us?

With opinion polls showing dozens of tight USA congressional and gubernatorial races in Tuesday's election, the current and former presidents said the results would determine what kind of country Americans live in for the next two years.

On "Outnumbered" on Monday, Wallace said he has to "laugh a little bit" at the idea of touting Trump as the "savior" if the election ends up being split. That result, considered less likely even within the White House, would embolden the president as he launches his own re-election bid.

Opinion polls and election forecasters have made Democrats favourites on Tuesday to pick up the 23 seats they need to capture a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, which would enable them to stymie Trump's legislative agenda and investigate his administration.

"If you do see a turn against Democrats in Midwestern states such as in and Missouri, I think it is fair to say that the Republicans who are winning in those places are probably going to be more critical of trade, whereas the Democrats in those states are going to be a more centrist wing of the Democratic party", Hurl explained.

Ari Fleischer, George W. Bush's press secretary, said Democratic control of the House "has both peril and promise for the president".

Democrats' path to try to regain control of the House goes all the way through California, where several Republican-held districts are in play and issues like immigration and health care ring loudly. In neighboring Georgia, Trump warned, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams will turn the state "into Venezuela". "We're taking care of ourselves for a change, folks", Trump said at a rally in Houston on October 22.

All 435 seats in the House are up for grabs, and a party needs 218 to be in control. The average loss in the years since World War II is 24 seats.

A slim Republican majority in the House would also present challenges, likely inflaming simmering intraparty disputes. "I feel, to a certain extent, I have no choice". This agenda is on the line as well, since Republicans align with Trump on the issue.

If the Democrats win one chamber or both, Klain says, then Congress returns to being a check and balance on the president. In the meantime, Senate Republicans confirmed two conservative Supreme Court justices and are fundamentally shifting the balance in the lower courts at the fastest pace in history.

"It all depends on turnout", he said.

The US votes for a president in a general election every four years.

The liberal inside-the-Beltway paper also says that while the poll finds registered voters prefer Democratic candidates for the House over Republican candidates by 7 percentage points, that's down from 11 points since last month and half the 14-point margin they enjoyed in August. "You hear those Republicans brag about how good the economy is, where do you think that started?" he asked.

"All across the country, what I'm seeing is a great awakening", he said.

Greg Valliere, chief global strategist at Horizon Investments, said Monday that the election's impact on markets is likely "not enormous".

The president has kept up a record-setting pace of campaigning in this election cycle, holding 30 rallies since Labor Day and 53 events since taking office.

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf is running for a second term against Republican Scott Wagner, a state senator from York County who has made millions in the waste-hauling industry.

Trump's midterm efforts will not stop with his Missouri rally on Monday night.

The final Rasmussen Reports Generic Congressional Ballot before Election Day shows Republicans edging ahead by one point, but in essence, the two parties are tied.

"I'm concerned that if the election is not what we hoped for that people will say, "it's too hard" and become disengaged", said Jennifer Palmieri, who served as Clinton's communications director during the 2016 campaign. "In a sense, I am on the ticket". "The only check right now on the behaviour of these Republicans is you and your vote", he added. "And there's no way they'll be able to spin it as anything other than that". The president also said soldiers would use lethal force against migrants who throw rocks, before later reversing himself.

Barack Obama, the former president, has reemerged to lead the Democrat charge in the final few days of campaigning, breaking with his largely observed silence on Mr Trump with a series of emotive speeches.