Women take breast cancer drive to Diepkloof

  • Women take breast cancer drive to Diepkloof

Women take breast cancer drive to Diepkloof

That's because key cancer and medical groups declared October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month over 30 years ago to raise awareness about the disease and to push for increased funding for research.

Mrs Appiah said breast cancer could be treated when detected early and urged people to do away with the misperception of automatically dying when diagnosed or have had a breast surgery.

According to Dr Bujassoum there are a number of genetic and environmental or lifestyle factors that can increase a woman's risk of developing breast cancer. Side effects from these treatments can range from hair loss, nerve damage and memory problems years after treatment.

Mrs Ama Appiah, the Nurse in-Charge of Breast Screening, said there were enormous risk factors such as obesity, exposure to too much radiation, wearing of tight brassieres and excessive exposure of the breasts. We hope that results from our research may help give you some ideas.

In our study, we looked at how women experienced support during breast cancer treatment.

"I call them and motivate them".

"I go to different places and motivate people".

"Genetic counselling can be very helpful for those who have a strong family history of breast cancer. All I had to do was make a phone call and, anything I needed, she was right there".

Women also shared how their family supported them in more emotional ways, such as providing encouragement and being present, and tangible ways, such as cooking meals and house cleaning.

"He [my doctor] said, "you'll be fine". ALIV made the donation to Hot91 personality RikaC.

They did so by providing customers with the opportinunity to have complimentary breast examinations done in store.

The researchers admitted, however, that their study has some limitations due to some variability among studies, and that since most of the studies were conducted in North America and Europe, the findings may not be generalized to women in other regions of the world. It is also the leading cause of cancer related deaths in The Bahamas. Less than 1 percent of all breast cancer cases occur in men, but according to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, there will be about 2,550 new cases among men in the United States this year, and roughly 480 deaths. "Let people use your footprint for whatever they want to do".

Colleagues at Antalis' HQ, Coalville came together to wear pink and take part in traditional fun fair games; a Coconut Shy and Hook a Duck to name just a few during their fun fair theme charity day which raised over £500 for Breast Cancer Now.

A highlight of the campaign included a "pink-themed" "Cups Against Cancer" coffee morning which attracted large crowds of staff and students at the college. "It is such initiatives (Zimpapers cancer walk) that helps as in raising awareness about the importance of early detection", said principal director Curative Services, Dr Sydney Makarawo.

Family and friends should also be aware that survivors' support needs may change over time.

Out of the 5,099 breast cancer patients analyzed, 597 carried PTVs. They believe that the chemicals are absorbed into the skin, especially when there are cuts during shaving.