First Indiana flu-related death of the season reported by health department

  • First Indiana flu-related death of the season reported by health department

First Indiana flu-related death of the season reported by health department

In light of this information, the Indiana Department of Health released information about vaccinations, the virus, and how to prevent it the flu. While elderly and very young people are the most susceptible to having the flu turn into something more serious, college students are in a unique situation that puts them at risk as well.

Public health authorities urge the public to take flu seriously and get vaccinated against it. Oneida County offers flu clinics at $25 per vaccine or $50 for a high-dose formulation designed for people age 65 and older, who may be more susceptible and benefit from a stronger version. The flu vaccine can be administered at any time during the season, which typically runs from October through May. As a result, vaccine makers must guess which strain will dominate the coming flu season and plan accordingly.Hope for a better vaccine emerged when scientists discovered that people sometimes produce rare antibodies that work against a range of flu strains.

Myth: I got vaccinated last year, so I should be good for this year, too. But they increase when temperatures drop and the virus becomes more active.

Nick Laursen and colleagues present a new strategy for achieving long-lasting flu virus protection based on broadly neutralizing single-domain antibodies (sdAbs) isolated from llamas immunized with flu vaccines. The vaccine is intended for most adults, as well as children six months of age and older. Traditionally it protects against 3 types of influenza: Influenza A, (H1N1), influenza A (H3N2) and influenza B.

Kris Box said it is unusual to see flu-related deaths this early in the season.

Fact: The flu vaccine reduces the risk of contracting and spreading the disease by up to 60 percent, according to the CDC. And this is one of them."Birds host a vast variety of flu strains, which are constantly mutating and mixing genes into new combinations".

The flu "influenza" is an infection in the nose, throat and lungs caused by a virus.

"The flu shot is available in our community everywhere, from pharmacies, to your doctor, or here at public health".

The 2017-18 season in Canada was a bit of an anomaly, surprising even some influenza experts. In total, 616 people were hospitalized due to the flu in Spokane County with 41 deaths attributed to flu-related complications.