Fox Business Pulls Out of Saudi Conference, Citing Khashoggi Controversy

  • Fox Business Pulls Out of Saudi Conference, Citing Khashoggi Controversy

Fox Business Pulls Out of Saudi Conference, Citing Khashoggi Controversy

In Istanbul, a leaked surveillance photo showed a man who has been a member of the crown prince's entourage during trips overseas walking into the Saudi Consulate just before Khashoggi vanished there - timing that drew the kingdom's heir-apparent closer to the columnist's apparent demise.

'Trump's getting some criticism for his bold soft-on-murder stance, ' Colbert said on Thursday in his monologue for the CBS Late Show, referring to the president's statement on Khashoggi.

The Canadian official, speaking on condition of anonymity Thursday, declined to draw a direct link to recent events when asked why Canadians were skipping the summit - they said Canada is just not going.

Now Trump said it "certainly looks" as though the reporter is dead. Riyadh has denied responsibility.

"I told President Trump this morning that we ought to give them a few more days to complete that so that we, too, have a complete understanding of the facts surrounding that, at which point we can make decisions about how, or if, the United States should respond to the incident surrounding Mr. Khashoggi". Never a good sign, ' Colbert said, imagining Trump as a eulogizer.

Pompeo stressed that the USA and Saudi Arabia have important links, including working on countering Iran.

Saudi Arabia has denied the allegations.

Trump stopped short of accusing the Saudis of killing Khashoggi, but he said there would be "very severe" consequences if it turns out they did.

The US resident and critic of the Saudi government was last seen entering the consulate in Istanbul two weeks ago.

At around 4:40 pm (1340 GMT) a team of a dozen police and prosecutors, including forensics experts in white overalls entered the residence of the consul, who was at the consulate when the alleged assassination of Khashoggi took place, according to Turkish media.

But the issue of Khashoggi's fate is "gathering momentum", Charbonneau said, "and we hope that the momentum will be such that Turkey will not be able to say no, and will actually have to step forward ... and that the Saudis will be under so much pressure that they will have to cooperate" with a United Nations investigation. "They said, 'We were able to access this the first day, and we have various other evidence on this'". Khashoggi refused, and was killed. "Unfortunately, this kind of news which related with his killing in a barbaric way is coming out".

Khashoggi, who had been living in the USA, went missing more than two weeks ago after he entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2. He was visiting the consulate to file paperwork for his upcoming wedding, and his fiancee waited for him in a vehicle outside the consulate. Khashoggi warned of renewed efforts to silence the free press in the Middle East, and his final column, published on Wednesday, was titled "What the Arab world needs most is free expression".