Apple pens date for expected Mac updates

  • Apple pens date for expected Mac updates

Apple pens date for expected Mac updates

Apple has just sent out press invites for a special event in NY on October 30.

Apple has sent out invites for their second fall event and it will be taking place later this month on 10/30.

We'll have to wait and see what Apple has in store but it may not be the only new product revealed at the event. Most noticeable will be the slimmed down bezels and the removal of the Home button like on the latest phones from Apple. Check them out here. The new Mac Mini Pro and a new Macbook seem plausible and the MacBook Air needs an update as its years behind.

Apple typically streams the event live on its website and on Apple TV.

Apple pens date for expected Mac updates

Interestingly enough, there's also a rumor that Apple this year will introduce a new low-priced laptop that looks similar to the MacBook Air, albeit with slimmer bezels and a high-res Retina display. Note, however, that the new iPad Pros will not incorporate a notch design a'la the iPhone X. Incidentally, there are reports that Face ID on the iPad Pro will thankfully be able to work in both portrait and landscape mode. It's unclear whether this device will have a new redesign or simply updated specs.

The iPad Pro is Apple's effort to build a tablet for the enterprise, but it would be a better business tool with these features.

Beyond tablets, the company is planning an entry-level Mac with a high-resolution screen to succeed the once-popular MacBook Air.

Further computers you might see at the Brooklyn event include a new Mac Mini, which could have various options tailored for power users, app developers, and HTPC users.