Fracking for shale gas begins in Lancashire amid protests

  • Fracking for shale gas begins in Lancashire amid protests

Fracking for shale gas begins in Lancashire amid protests

Demonstrators say they'll monitor the site around the clock.

The energy firm Cuadrilla started the process at a site in Lancashire despite attempts by protesters to blockade the site. It is definitely not over, it has just got serious.

Gas exploration company Cuadrilla had planned to start fracking on Saturday after a legal bid to stall the operation on safety grounds was thrown out by the High Court on Friday.

A spokesman for Cuadrilla said pumping started on Monday.

Cuadrilla estimates it will take around three months for it to complete both wells, with initial results from flow rate tests expected in the New Year.

"I feel, as somebody in my 50s now, that my generation has so badly let down future generations", she added.

The work had been due to start on Saturday but was delayed by the effects of Storm Callum. The controversial mining process known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, extracts gas from shale rock by injecting fluid at high pressure into shale formations deep beneath the Earth's surface.

Protesters have gathered near a shale gas exploration site in northwestern England, as fracking began in the United Kingdom for the first time since 2011.

Mr Dennett claimed Lancashire County Council's emergency response planning and procedures at the site were inadequate, but the judge ruled there was not a "serious issue" to be tried which would justify an interim order.

"In a week in which the scale of action needed to stop climate chaos has dominated the headlines, it is simply wrong to be heralding the start of a new fossil-fuel industry".

"You can deal with climate change or you can have fracking - you can't do both", he said.

"If commercially recoverable this will displace costly imported gas, with lower emissions, significant economic benefit and better security of energy supply for the UK", Francis Egan, CEO of Cuadrilla, said in a statement.