Donald Trump Tweets "MANY CRIMINALS" On Way To Border, Blames Democrats

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Donald Trump Tweets "MANY CRIMINALS" On Way To Border, Blames Democrats

Trump wrote on Twitter.

President Donald Trump has threatened to call in the military to seal off the US" southern border with Mexico, unless the Mexico takes action to halt a "caravan' of migrants making its way to the USA from Central America.

The caravan, estimated to contain around 4,000 people, is inching Thursday toward the Mexico-Guatemala border, where Mexican officials have sent 500 additional federal police officers ahead of its arrival, NBC News reported, citing USA government documents. New data shows a spike in the number of people trying to cross the border, according to reports by NBC News, WaPo and elsewhere, suggesting Trump's baby-snatching border policy has been a bust.

Trump threatened to stop all federal payments to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador if the countries failed to block the flow and blamed Democrats for rejecting a reform of immigration laws allowing them to claim asylum.

The migrant caravan from Honduras has swelled in size despite President Donald Trump threatening to cut aid to the country.

"Hopefully Mexico will stop this onslaught at their Northern Border", he wrote.

While Trump did not make clear what a military deployment at the border might look like, the president did deploy nearly 4,000 National Guard troops to the border in April, as the first caravan approached. "All Democrats fault for weak laws!"

The "caravan" of migrants in question, believed to be several thousand strong, has been snaking its way north from Honduras since last weekend.

Frustrated by Congress' failure to fully fund his proposed wall at the border with Mexico, Mr Trump in April ordered National Guard personnel to help the Department of Homeland Security secure the border in four southwestern U.S. states.

The president then seemingly threatened to scrap the trade deal with Mexico and Canada that he just struck if the Mexican government failed to act.

He will meet with the presidents of both countries to "discuss our ongoing security cooperation efforts to disrupt the illicit movement of cash, weapons, drugs across our shared border as well as the issue of stemming illegal immigration and strengthening accountability for corruption and human rights abuses, and bringing members of transnational criminal organizations to justice", a senior State Department official said.