Couple Claims Ohio Haunted House Depicted Mock Rape

  • Couple Claims Ohio Haunted House Depicted Mock Rape

Couple Claims Ohio Haunted House Depicted Mock Rape

However, things went too far for a handful of people who spoke with Channel 3 and Channel 5, as well as posting on the haunt's Facebook page.

Akron Fright Fest has been touted as one of the first "R-rated" haunted house experiences in the city.

The Akron Beacon Journal reports Akron Fright Fest owner Jeremy Caudill says he was "shocked and appalled" when he learned Monday what had happened over the weekend at his haunted house in Summit County's Springfield Township.

"She comes over and yells, stop, what are you doing?"

According to the park, the fright fest consists of three "all age haunted houses" and three "adult only" haunted houses that require visitors to sign a waiver before entering.

The unnamed guest shared her ordeal with News5Cleveland, with fellow guest Ryan Carr also claiming to have endured the mock sex attack.

With each Halloween, haunted houses seem determined to up the ante and deliver added thrills and chills - even if it puts patrons in peril. Not anymore, he's mine now, I'm going to rape him'.

An Ohio man was forced to participate in a mock rape at a haunted house in Akron, his girlfriend claims.

"In all the years I've been going to haunted houses, I have never seen anything like that, ever", Carr's girlfriend Sarah Lelonek told WEWS-TV.

'He was thrown onto a mattress by some guy in a pig mask, ' she told Fox 8. Now an OH attraction is being accused of subjecting visitors to mock rape scenarios that could be triggering. "We're still investigating and trying to find out exactly what happened, and we're hearing some confusing, inconsistent reports. And it has no place at our park", the statement read.

We reached out to the Haunted House manager over Facebook, but he did not respond to our message. "I will be getting in touch with the leaders there to organize that donation".

"The rape scenario is not something we thought up or made up.

I refuse at this point to continue answering everyone individually so this will be a blanket post to everybody you can choose what you believe but I would not believe most of these negative posts", the post said.

Those who have complained have become the target of harsh criticism online from people who believe the experience is meant to be extreme, but others, who claim to have been the victim of a sexual assault, have posted, "Nobody that knows what being raped is like would ever be okay with this".

Carr believes if the scenario is the work of a freelancing "actor" then there should be consequences.