Ryan Coogler inks deal to write and direct ‘Black Panther’ sequel

  • Ryan Coogler inks deal to write and direct ‘Black Panther’ sequel

Ryan Coogler inks deal to write and direct ‘Black Panther’ sequel

No need to worry anymore, as THR confirmed that Coogler will return as writer-director for the Black Panther follow-up.

Given the events of the Avengers: Infinity War ending and the heavily guarded secrets of Avengers 4, a new Black Panther movie presents an interesting challenge for Coogler, who is slated to begin writing the script next year.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, unnamed sources revealed that Coogler had "quietly closed a deal" to be the creative force for King T'Challa's second featured outing for Disney and the MCU, though additional details are still light. Furthermore, actor Chadwick Boseman, and everyone else in the ensemble cast is expected to return to help round out the cast of Wakandans.

The first of two films directed by Coogler raked in a whopping $700 million domestically, $1.3 billion in total, and is nearly assured of a place in the yearly "Oscar conversation".

Coogler's return is exciting for me as a fan of the first film, but I was hoping that the filmmaker would move on to more intimate and personal projects now that he's gained so much capital in Hollywood. But we can always speculate, and the biggest questions we have right now are: when will it take place in the timeline of this reborn MCU, and which villain will Black Panther go up against? Anyway, are you excited for Black Panther 2?

Neither a start date nor a release date has yet been announced.

Feige has touted the success of Black Panther since before the film hit theaters, and now that it's become a cultural phenomenon and a box office blockbuster, there was little doubt that he'd want to make a sequel.