Tsunami threat as 7.0-magnitude quake hits Papua New Guinea

  • Tsunami threat as 7.0-magnitude quake hits Papua New Guinea

Tsunami threat as 7.0-magnitude quake hits Papua New Guinea

The quake, which hit at 9.48am (NZT) was centred 124 kilometres east of Kimbe at a depth of 39.5km.

A magnitude 6.0 natural disaster has struck just off the coast of Indonesia, a country reeling from an quake and tsunami last month that killed more than 2000 people.

A strong quake has also hit Papua New Guinea and raised the possibility of a tsunami.

"A tsunami threat exists for parts of the pacific located closer to the natural disaster", the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said, but added more information was needed to assess if the risk radiated further.

But it warned that "recent earthquakes in this area have caused secondary hazards such as tsunamis, landslides and liquefaction that might have contributed to losses".

New Zealand's Civil Defence said there was no significant tsunami risk to the country.

The country is still recovering after a 7.5-magnitude quake hit its mountainous interior in February, killing at least 125 people, cutting off access to villages and knocking out power.

But scientists do not have any tide gauges close to where the quake happened, so are unable to say at this point whether tsunamis have been generated.

Earlier on Thursday, a magnitude 6.0 natural disaster struck just off the popular island of Bali, where the International Monetary Fund and its sister lending organization, the World Bank, are holding annual meetings through Sunday.

At least two aftershocks with a magnitude greater than 5 shortly followed.

Tsunami waves were forecast to be less than 0.3 meters (one foot) high for the coasts of PNG and Solomon Islands, it said, adding that wave amplitudes could vary between regions.

The strong quake was felt in Denpasar on the holiday island of Bali, where panicked people fled from buildings. Officials say more than 80,000 people are living in temporary shelters or otherwise displaced.