The separatists Salvini and Le Pen are at the "bunker of Brussels"

  • The separatists Salvini and Le Pen are at the

The separatists Salvini and Le Pen are at the "bunker of Brussels"

Chapter antimos Italian party Liga and the Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini held a press conference in Rome with the leader of the French far-right marine Le Pen. Italian government bond relents meanwhile edged down from 4 ½ years peak on wishes that Economy Minister Giovanni Tria will hit an ordinary tone when safeguarding the government's budget in parliament.

Speaking with right-wing Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini by her side, Le Pen said Bannon is not European, but rather an American who wants to create a think tank to offer research to nationalist parties in Europe.

"We are against the enemies of Europe - Juncker and Moscovici - shut away in the Brussels bunker", Salvini said. "Together we will build a true Europe", she said.

But a combination of a weakness in stock markets worldwide and the widening gap between core European and United States bond yields pushed investors who had bet on a fourth quarter euro rebound to dump the single currency. Meanwhile, Le Pen rushed to assure people that the two parties "are not fighting against Europe" but are actually seeking to "save the real Europe" from the dictate of the European Union, which "has become too totalitarian".

Mr Salvini, leader of the nationalist League party, attacked the European Commission and its senior figures and pledged to use next year's European elections fight back with a populist "front of freedom".

And there was also little sign of any retreat or surrender to the bond market or the European Commission: "We will not backtrack, we will not backtrack", Salvini insisted, adding that "Speculators acting like Soros are betting on Italy's collapse to buy at discount prices the healthy companies, and there are many of them, that have remained in this country". "The fiscal targets announced by the new government that came into office a few months ago are out of line with the agreed fiscal framework that euro-area countries have given themselves unanimously".

However, once the Commission receives a draft budget plan in a little under a week's time, it could force an European Union member nation to make revisions - for the first time in the bloc's history. The national parliament has to approve the budget law by year-end.