Quake near Bali, Indonesia, kills at least 3

  • Quake near Bali, Indonesia, kills at least 3

Quake near Bali, Indonesia, kills at least 3

The national disaster mitigation agency has called off the search from Thursday, citing concern about the spread of disease.

Indonesia has extended by a day its search for victims of a 7.5 magnitude quake and tsunami on Sulawesi island at the request of relatives of the many still missing.

But authorities fear 5,000 more could be buried beneath the ruined city, where entire villages were swallowed.

More than 10,000 rescue workers are scouring expanses of debris, especially in three areas obliterated by soil liquefaction in the south of the small city. Memorials will be constructed in hard-hit neighborhoods such as Balaroa and Petobo, he said at a news conference in Jakarta. At least three buildings had cars trapped inside, some inside the frame of the building.

Along with the devastating death toll around 70,000 people are believed to be displaced from their homes, many families with children are among them. "We want to help as many as we can". Around 5,000 people were thought to still be missing.

It said "the natural disaster was felt quite strongly by people in Sumenep and Situbondo for 2-5 seconds. Everything I own, everyone else, is gone", he said. "But I think I have to accept that I may never find them", he said. There are four meters of soil here.

Indonesia's disaster agency says the September 28 disaster that hit Sulawesi island has killed 2045 people.

After appealing for worldwide assistance, Indonesia is now trying to limit foreign involvement in disaster relief.

A man gestures towards a search and rescue team while looking for victims in the natural disaster and liquefaction affected Balaroa neighbourhood in Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, October 11, 2018.

But it has accepted help from overseas to cope with the Sulawesi disaster.

But earlier this week foreign aid workers were told to withdraw their personnel, frustrating some groups keen to help out on the ground.

"Foreign citizens who are working with foreign NGOs are not allowed to conduct any activity on the sites", it said, adding that foreign NGOs with people deployed should withdraw them immediately.

Indonesia initially refused worldwide help, saying the military had the situation under control.

Hazardous tsunami waves from the quake were possible within 300 km of the epicentre along Papua New Guinea coastlines, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said. Many Indonesians go by one name. The archipelago sees frequent earthquakes and occasional tsunami.

A massive relief effort is underway in Indonesia with British Red Cross, Action Aid DEC Indonesian Tsunami Appeal and Save the Children among the charities and non-for-profit organisations appealing the public to help raise money for the hundreds of thousands of people affected by the disaster.