An Annoyed Kim Kardashian Tells Her Sisters They Look Like Clowns

  • An Annoyed Kim Kardashian Tells Her Sisters They Look Like Clowns

An Annoyed Kim Kardashian Tells Her Sisters They Look Like Clowns

Kim Kardashian West slammed her sisters' fashion choices as "disgusting" and "embarrassing".

After the whole Kourtney-is-the-least-interesting-to-look-at debacle, Kim's now taken it to the next level by telling the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star that she looks like a "f**king grandma". Namely, those Yeezy bike shorts that Kim seems to love so much.

This time, we followed Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney on an adventure to Japan, where Kim was shooting a campaign for Yeezy, aka her hubby Kanye West's brand.

And it wasn't long before the 39-year-old clapped back.

"My sisters' look so insane". "Kourtney with the Japanese inspired outfits, and Khloe's wearing ... huge chandelier earrings. I need the Yeezy collection to be debuted and not all this insane distraction in the background". News: "He has a really focused mission of what he wants to talk about, and I think the White House is really receptive to his ideas". You look like fucking clowns. "This is not like a tourist thing where 'it's Halloween" and dress up like a Japanese Geisha". "I think that's really important and I'm really proud of that", the 37-year-old revealed. "It could be time for a fashion overhaul, so that you stay young and relevant".

She later re-ups the criticism, telling Kourtney she looks like a "grandma", that she doesn't "look like anything special", and that she "better evolve before you fizzle out". "100 percent", Kim said. Like you don't look anything innovative. "Now I think Kim's just being rude and rude to everyone in glam", the former said in a confessional interview.

While Kim admitted she had been "snappy and very opinionated", she claimed her unkind comments came because she was busy focusing on the Yeezy campaign. "I feel like we're stuck", Kim later said to Kourtney. "It's my husband's collection, so I wanna do a good job, and make sure he likes the way everything turns out".

'I want you to be more cool girl, ' insisted Kim. "You're wearing a puffy vest, pink hair and turquoise shoes". I didn't come here to wear leggings that are see-through and show my ass off. But hey, we're not all Kendall, you know? "But guess what? It takes a lot more courage to show your feelings than to sit there and be a b***h".

Kim absolutely do not like the fashion images of Courtney and Chloe - about this wife of rapper made a decision to tell the sisters, after one night spent in Tokyo.