Pope says abortion is like hiring a ‘contract killer’

  • Pope says abortion is like hiring a ‘contract killer’

Pope says abortion is like hiring a ‘contract killer’

"Getting rid of a human being is like resorting to a contract killer to solve a problem", he said.

In August, he intervened in his home country of Argentina to advocate against a bill, which would legalize abortion in first 14 weeks of pregnancy.

His comments were reportedly a departure from his prepared message in Saint Peter's Square.

He asked if it was fair "to take out a human life" to solve a problem: 'Is it fair to hire a hitman to solve a problem?

Councillors in Verona, which is led by the far-right League party, last week declared the northern Italian city "pro-life", passing an initiative that would "prevent abortion and promote motherhood" by funding anti-abortion groups, as well as promoting a project that would enable women to anonymously give up their babies for adoption.

In opposition to the argument that people justify abortion as respecting other rights, he said, "How can an act that suppresses innocent and defenseless life as it blossoms be therapeutic, civil or simply human?".

Francis made the comments during a weekly audience at the Vatican dedicated to the commandment exhorting the faithful not to kill. What do you think?

"No!" the crowd shouted in response. We can't do that, it isn't fair: killing a human being, as little as he might be, is not the right solution to solve a problem.

Official church teaching opposing abortion is absolute, providing for no exceptions. It also forbids euthanasia but says that a family or a patient can decide to stop using extraordinary means to keep people alive.

"It is not necessary to talk about these issues all the time", he said in that interview, adding that the Church's stand on them was very clear and that it also had to address social issues such as poverty, injustice and immigration.

"Interrupting a pregnancy is like eliminating someone", Francis said in an address to worshippers in the Vatican.