'Pokemon Go' teases huge evolution for the new Mythical Pokemon Meltan

  • 'Pokemon Go' teases huge evolution for the new Mythical Pokemon Meltan

'Pokemon Go' teases huge evolution for the new Mythical Pokemon Meltan

The Pokemon Company has shared a lot of new information about Meltan and how it can be caught in Pokemon GO.

According to a press release from The Pokemon Company, Pokemon Go players will receive the Mystery Box the first time they transfer a Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon: Let's Go.

The Pokemon Company has just released a new video showcasing in-universe findings of Pokemon Professors Oak and Willow, who have both been closely studying this new Mythical Pokemon. Once the Mystery Box is opened, players will be able to find Meltan in the wild and capture it, and then send it to Pokemon: Let's Go.

The only way to open the Mystery Box again is to wait a set amount of time before transferring more Pokemon over.

As previously mentioned, you'll only be able to transfer the original 151 Pokemon-as well as their Alolan forms-from Pokemon Go to Let's Go, and the process is a one-way transfer; any monsters you send to the Switch games can not be returned to Pokemon Go. After Ditto taking on this Pokemon's form appeared in the wild in Pokemon Go, The Pokemon Company revealed the new Pokemon and revealed that it was part of a tie-in between Pokemon Go and the upcoming Pokemon: Let's Go games for the Nintendo Switch. If you own one of the Let's Go games, you can transfer any Generation 1 Pokemon (#1-151) from Pokemon Go to the Switch games, which is how you'll receive the Mystery Box. Those that you do transfer will end up in the Go Park, a new facility that replaces the Safari Zone in Fuchsia City. This game involves leading all of the Pokemon to the goal before time runs out; if you manage to clear it, you'll be rewarded with sweets, which you can feed to Pokemon to power up their stats.

We've known for a while that Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee would see the debut of a new Pokemon, but since the first appearance of Meltan in Pokemon Go a few weeks ago new information has been coming thick and fast. "Look forward to this new Special Research this winter, when you can participate in various investigations with Professor Willow and catch Meltan!"