Plastic pollution: Bottle washed up after decades

  • Plastic pollution: Bottle washed up after decades

Plastic pollution: Bottle washed up after decades

A plastic washing-up bottle that is at least 47 years old has been found washed up on a beach in the United Kingdom with its lettering and messaging still clear, prompting warnings about the enduring problem of plastic waste.

Its discovery illustrates the "modern day scourge" of plastic pollution, the Burnham Coastguard Rescue Team said in a Facebook post.

The Fairy liquid bottle must be at least 47 years old as it still has a pre-decimal price offer on it. Decimalisation of the British currency occurred in 1971.

Brean beach warden Dave Furber came across the bottle on the shore during high tides last week. The letter D was the symbol for pence at that time.

Burnham Coastguard said: "This bottle still looks nearly new - it's shocking how long rubbish can survive".

The coast guard urged visitors to beaches to dispose of their waste in trash cans and avoid flushing items like cotton swabs down toilets.

"Small changes by everyone can make a big difference to our lovely planet and even to our very own stretch of coast, so let's make a difference together", it added.

"This bottle has been floating around in our waters and still looks nearly new", the rescue team wrote in a Facebook post.

"In hindsight it would've been good to keep it and use it to show how long it takes to break down", the team said.

There are an estimated 300 million tonnes of plastic littering the world's oceans, with more than 5 trillion plastic pieces - weighing more than 250,000 tonnes - now floating on the surface, according to marine conservation group Oceana.