Google introduces automated closed captions to Slides

The live captions nearly certainly use the same speech recognition technology that YouTube uses to produce automatic closed captions for uploaded videos.

And all of them are coming up with interesting ways of implementing it. Google's latest addition is not a coup by any stretch of the imagination however, it will still be a nice-to-have for people who are using Google Slides to create presentations for work of personal purposes.

The feature will roll out to users beginning this week. It then transcribes your speech as captions, which appear on the slides you're presenting in real time. It can also be beneficial when a presenter isn't speaking loudly enough, the company said. Meanwhile, folks can activate this feature by pressing a newly available "CC" button on the Slides navigation box. You can also use keyboard shortcuts, which are command + Shift + c on Mac and Ctrl + Shift + c in Chrome OS/Windows.

This new closed-captioning feature, for instance, could benefit audiences in a noisy location or in spaces with poor sound settings.

Google said the new feature now supports U.S. English only and works on a laptop or desktop computer with the Chrome browser. The feature will start rolling out worldwide next week and Google plans on adding more language support in the future.

According to Google, the feature was created after engineers Laura D'Aquila and Abigail Klein noted that some of their hearing impaired colleagues were having difficulty following some presentations.