Extras Kept In Subway Car For Hours On Set Of Joker

  • Extras Kept In Subway Car For Hours On Set Of Joker

Extras Kept In Subway Car For Hours On Set Of Joker

Extras on the set of the upcoming "Joker" movie were locked in a city subway vehicle for more than three hours during weekend filming in a Brooklyn train station - and were forced to relieve themselves on the tracks, TMZ reported.

According to the report, actors resorted to banging on the doors of the subway auto, asking to be given their break so that they could use the bathroom, to no avail.

Footage on the currently-in-production Joker standalone film has been released into the wild, and we have to say, Joaquin Phoenix does look cool - and threatening - as Batman's greatest foe.

This then resulted in a number of extras resorting to peeing on the tracks by taking advantage of the gap between cars on the train.

The film is being directed by Todd Phillips, who made the Hangover movies, and will be an origin story of Gotham City's clown prince of crime.

After receiving a complaint about the break violation, the Screen Actors Guild sent a representative to resolve the situation and SAG will continue to follow-up and monitor the Joker set. SPOILER ALERT: it turns out The Joker is one of those dudes who thinks it's totally rebellious to smoke inside the subway station.

You can see where this is going. This film is of course just one of four or five Joker-centric movies in the DC pipeline-and at least one other one (Suicide Squad 2) looks like it's on the verge of happening with the news that James Gunn is in talks to write and direct.