Australia Will Keep Burning Coal To Produce Electricity Despite Stern IPCC Warning

  • Australia Will Keep Burning Coal To Produce Electricity Despite Stern IPCC Warning

Australia Will Keep Burning Coal To Produce Electricity Despite Stern IPCC Warning

Leaders from countries such as Botswana and Namibia can not let-up on the global stage in pushing for nation states to make good on, and further improve, their pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, who is on a trip to India touting new infrastructure to ship more oil and gas overseas, said he will leave the findings of the IPCC report to the scientists. Coal is also Australia's largest export, according to McCormack. Its prognosis for the planet is grim: We may have as little as 12 years to act on climate change - to slash global emissions 45 percent - to reach this target.

The influential report reveals that only by keeping the temperature rise under 1.5C above pre-industrial levels will "rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society" be prevented.

She said Canadians do not need to change what they do to cut emissions, but rather need to change how they do it.

"This change can happen in two ways: in our collected effect on the climate and biodiversity, and the runaway effect of powerful new technologies, such bio, cyber and artificial intelligence". The report also notes that "any remaining emissions would need to be balanced by removing Carbon dioxide from the air". "We're starting to see a wider acceptance that more needs to be done to fight climate change, and CCS is part of this "more".

The Australian government isn't persuaded by calls for urgent climate action, instead doubling down on promises to lower electricity prices and meet existing emissions reduction targets. Hot summers will become more frequent, and, wrote federal scientists in 2017, if carbon emissions remain high and water management systems aren't changed, chronic, long-term drought is increasingly possible by the end of the century.

In his response to questions about the IPCC report, Mr Morrison attempted to shift focus on the need for global action on climate change to other nations.

"Australia is enabling the kind of climate pollution that the world scientists are now telling us we've got to stop". Trump has signaled he will pull the United States out of the global climate pact. "Within a few generations he is burning the fossil fuels that slowly accumulated in the earth over the past 500 million years". "We can be simpler in the parts of the world that have benefited from fossil fuel".

"Our economy depends on the coal industry, and we can have both a strong coal industry and reduce carbon emissions".

Adam Bandt, the Greens climate spokesman, said the IPCC report showed it was "time to hit the climate emergency button", and that neither major party was prepared to take the necessary steps.

"One of the key messages that comes out very strongly from this report is that we are already seeing the consequences of 1ºC global warming through more extreme weather and rising sea levels among other changes", said Panmao Zhai, Co-chair of IPCC Working Group I.

The IPCC is the global body for assessing the science related to climate change.