Jordan To Star In Two Tom Clancy Films

  • Jordan To Star In Two Tom Clancy Films

Jordan To Star In Two Tom Clancy Films

Variety reports that Paramount Pictures has developing official film adaptations for two Tom Clancy novels with Michael B. Jordan as the leading man. Jordan will helm the role of ex-Navy Seal John Clark (Clancy's second-most popular character in the "Ryanverse") in both Rainbow Six and Without Remorse, the former of which launched alongside the classic tactical shooter game of the same name in 1998. Jordan will play the book's protagonist, John Clark, in two separate movies. The planned adaptations include Clancy's 1993 novel Without Remorse, showing Clark's origins in the Central Intelligence Agency while combating street criminals on the streets of Baltimore, and 1998's Rainbox Six which has Clark lead a team of special forces soldiers in counterterrorism missions around the world.

This report comes courtesy of Variety, following up on news past year that Paramount had picked up the rights to the adaptation. Clark has appeared in over 17 Clancy novels.

As for the upcoming Rainbox Six movies, Akiva Goldsman will be spearheading the new project as the film's main producer. Beginning with The Cardinal of the Kremlin in 1998, the former Navy Seal turned Central Intelligence Agency operative would often assist Jack "I'm just an analyst" Ryan on his many covert missions. That book revealed Clark's backstory and history with the Central Intelligence Agency. It's been a long time since he read Rainbow Six, and he now remembers the video games more than the book.

Previously, John Clark has been played by Willem Dafoe (Clear and Present Danger) and Liev Schreiber (The Sum of All Fears). Despite Goldsman's atrocious track record (I don't know how you watch Winter's Tale and let him anywhere near a film again), Paramount seems to like the guy as they've involved him with Transformers and Star Trek, the studio's marquee franchises.

What do you think about this news? That makes this a ideal time to give John Clark the spotlight on the big screen for the first time.