Google Maps now works with Apple CarPlay

  • Google Maps now works with Apple CarPlay

Google Maps now works with Apple CarPlay

Easy. Well, it would if your hire auto let you use Google Maps.

Big news for Google Maps loyalists: Now, you can use your preferred maps when you plug your iPhone into your auto dashboard - assuming, of course, that your vehicle supports Apple CarPlay.

Arguably more valuable, though, is the synchronization between Google Maps for CarPlay, the regular iOS app, and Google Maps in the browser.

Users will need to make sure their iPhone is running iOS 12 to be able to take advantage of Google Maps on Apple CarPlay. With the release of iOS 12 yesterday, Google Maps is the first third-party navigation app to release an update to support CarPlay. Apple's navigation software has improved significantly since its troubled launch a few years back, and looks set to get even better over the next few years as its data is made much more comprehensive.

Since the release of CarPlay in 2014, the only navigational option on CarPlay has been Apple's own Maps app.

Google Maps now works with Apple CarPlay

This means that if you drive a vehicle with CarPlay support, you can now display Google Maps on your car's infotainment screen.

iOS 12 is available to download right now for a score of iPhone and iPad models. Then, on your iPhone, go to Settings General CarPlay tap your car's name.

I expect to give this a spin and update you on my experience with third-party mapping apps in the near future. There is a button to activate voice controls, but you still can't use Siri to control Google Maps directly.

While Google's Waze is now in the beta process ahead of an official CarPlay-enabled launch, the company has been able to get its own Google Maps out the door nearly on iOS 12 day one.