Amazon wants 3000 Amazon Go stores by 2021

  • Amazon wants 3000 Amazon Go stores by 2021

Amazon wants 3000 Amazon Go stores by 2021

Currently, Amazon Go has three locations in Seattle, Washington and one in Chicago, the latter of which just opened this week.The first Seattle location opened in 2016, and it is one of two that have a small selection of groceries in addition to the limited options of salads, sandwiches and snacks all of the stores have.

Amazon opened its first cashierless store in Seattle two years ago (pictured) and has launched two additional locations in Seattle and another in Chicago. The first is on Amazon's campus in Seattle. Reports in the previous year about Amazon's plans have rattled incumbent players in a wide range of industries, including groceries, pharmacies and specialty office suppliers. It would also change Amazon's business, putting more focus on its physical stores.

The idea is to open up stores in dense urban areas with large populations of young, well-to-do folks who are happy to pay a premium for high-quality meals on the go. That never happened and Amazon issued a rare denial of the rumor. Focusing on prepared foods rather than groceries could help boost profit margins, and some of the existing stores are already doing that.

It opened to the public in January 2018.

You have to scan the Amazon Go app on your phone to enter the store.

Sleek black cameras monitoring from above and weight sensors in the shelves help Amazon determine exactly what people take. Once we walked out, we received an email that we were charged for our items.

Such an expansion could put Amazon back into an investment cycle.

Amazon, famous for dynamic pricing online, has printed price tags just as traditional brick-and-mortar stores do. Amazon also routinely loses money expanding internationally.

News of the company's potential ambitions for Amazon Go sent shares of grocery and retail rivals lower.

This amounts to about $4.61 billion in revenue, which is a huge jump from the firm's previously predicted sales of $2.89 billion.

Google is set to claim 37 percent of the market, while Facebook will corner 20.5 percent of the USA digital ad market.

What's more, Amazon has grown its advertising business 242 percent since 2017, eMarketer said.