Amazon Storefronts launched to help SMBs sell products online

  • Amazon Storefronts launched to help SMBs sell products online

Amazon Storefronts launched to help SMBs sell products online

Amazon has established a separate section where it will highlight small businesses, feature curated collections of unique products and provide a platform for an online small business experience. The portal is a sort of promise ring to the SMB community that sells on Amazon, as it vows to promote smaller companies and help their products stand out among the millions of businesses that sell on the site.

The site curates the companies' products in more than 25 categories, including Home, Kitchen, Grocery, Halloween, and Back to School.

Amazon on Monday launched Amazon Storefronts, a landing page made specifically for the over 1 million U.S. small and medium-sized businesses selling on the site.

"Amazon first invited businesses to sell on Amazon almost two decades ago, and today, small and medium-sized businesses are a vital part of Amazon's large selection and commitment to customers", Amazon vice president and head of marketplace Nicholas Denissen said in a statement. Instead of navigating thousands of online sellers, Amazon wants customers to interact with small businesses and have an intimate, mom-and-pop-shop experience through the online platform.

"Since we started selling on Amazon in October 2016, our sales have almost doubled". Right on the front of the Storefronts page is the text "half of everything sold on Amazon comes from small & medium sized businesses". It will also feature the small businesses in a marketing campaign. The Institute cites US census data showing that 85,000 small businesses closed between 2005 and 2015.

"This is a ton of exposure for us", says Holly Rutt, who co-founded The Little Flower Soap 2010, and has been selling on Amazon for two years. Storefronts will highlight different merchants in the mix with videos that profile the owners, and highlight a selection of items that they sell via Amazon. Products on Storefronts come from nearly 20,000 different small and medium businesses, according to CNBC.

In case you weren't aware, Amazon has put a ton of pressure on brick-and-mortar businesses by undercutting them on price, sometimes with its own Amazon-branded products.

To counter that perception, Amazon released its own report earlier this year, which found Amazon is good for small businesses - creating 900,000 jobs and helping 20,000 small businesses earn at least $1 million in sales in 2017.