Inside Jack's - Tesco’s New Brexit-Era Answer To Aldi And Lidl

  • Inside Jack's - Tesco’s New Brexit-Era Answer To Aldi And Lidl

Inside Jack's - Tesco’s New Brexit-Era Answer To Aldi And Lidl

Tesco is currently Britain's grocery market leader with a share of 27.4%, but the discount supermarkets have recently increased their share significantly, now taking 13.1% of the market.

The Chatteris store will be the first to open under the new brand.

"We leverage the size and expertise that's available to Tesco and Tesco partners and we bring that capability to Jack's in an operating model that is lower and we pass that benefit on to our customers", Mr Lewis said on Wednesday. Some items did seem cheaper in Jack's: olives were 10p cheaper and Cherry Bakewell box 30p cheaper than in Tesco. The CEO said it was his "intention" to offer in-store prices that are cheaper than Aldi and Lidl.

Most of the products on the shelves will be own-brand and eight out of 10 Jack's food and drink products will be "grown, reared or made" in Britain, according to Tesco.

Speaking at the launch of the store in Chatteris, Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis said he was interested in "what our customers want" and providing "local provenance" at "a very affordable price".

At least five Jack's stores will be converted Tesco locations and the rest will be newly acquired. He had come to take a look at the new Jack's site with his dog Parker and said that he thought people shopped because of prices, not British produce.

Jack's - a salute to Tesco's founder Jack Cohen - aims to be a no-frills discount brand to challenge the meteoric rise in market share enjoyed by Aldi and Lidl since the financial crisis.

Unlike Tesco, Jack's will not have an online offering and customers will not be able to use their Tesco clubcard in the stores.

It will operate a "low-cost business model" created to keep costs low and prices down.

"He's an inspiration for all of us and that same spirit still drives Tesco now".

Neil Wilson, chief market analyst at, said of the Jack's launch: "I think having a separate brand is really interesting as it allows it to offer different products at different price points without affecting its core Tesco brand".

The launch also marks the parent brand's centenary campaign, "Celebrating 100 Years of Great Value".