The alternative to my Brexit deal is no deal

  • The alternative to my Brexit deal is no deal

The alternative to my Brexit deal is no deal

British Prime Minister Theresa May travels to Salzburg, Austria, on Wednesday to meet other European Union leaders.

The Times newspaper reported that the EU's chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, is working on a new protocol text outlining how to use technology to minimise checks on the border.

Britain would leave the European Union on March 29 2019 without a withdrawal deal covering expats' rights, the Irish border and the "divorce bill" and without agreement on future trade links.

Ahead of that summit the Prime Minister hosted her Maltese counterpart Joseph Muscat for talks which included her plan.

Setting out the UK's hopes, Mr Raab said the Salzburg meeting at which Mrs May is expected to briefly set out her position over dinner on Wednesday night before her 27 counterparts consider the situation in her absence on Thursday, would be "an important milestone" and "a stepping stone" to a deal.

Speaking to correspondents from European newspapers including Germany's Die Welt, France's Le Monde and the Irish Times, Mr Raab made clear the United Kingdom was looking for further movement from the EU on the Irish border.

"We have already made extensive compromises".

In Tokyo, Japan's foreign minister on Tuesday urged his visiting British counterpart to ensure clarity over Brexit amid signs Japanese businesses are growing increasingly nervous about Britain's future outside the EU.

"This means that our relatives struggle to get visas to come to the UK for family celebrations, restaurants can not employ skilled chefs from overseas, our temples can not bring in priests, and we can not bring people in for business, cultural or sporting as well as the thousands of talented professionals like doctors, teachers and engineers", said Gujarati-origin Priti Patel, former UK Cabinet minister and a prominent pro-Brexit campaigner.

The Times reported that Mr Barnier was preparing to insist that any political declaration agreed with Mrs May on the future relationship can not easily be unpicked by her successor.

Environment Minister Michael Gove, a leading figure in the campaign to leave the European Union more than two years ago, said Khan wanted to frustrate the vote.

During the meeting, Sabine Weyand, a senior German European Commission official and Mr Barnier's deputy, warned that Britain's unwritten constitution could mean the United Kingdom might be able to alter the arrangement in the future.

May, the centre-right Conservative Party's leader, said she was focused on securing a Brexit deal rather than her own future, in a BBC television interview out Sunday.

Hardline Conservatives have claimed up to 80 Tory MPs are prepared to vote against May's plan. And he said his party would "definitely" vote against Chequers when it comes to a vote in the Commons.

The advisory committee was set up by Member of Parliament Amber Rudd when she was home secretary to inform Britain's migration policy after Brexit.

"And actually I think it is far deeper than just the government or the government's relationship to the DUP, and I think there's evidence for that if you look at those votes and those debates".

Plans should also be in place for a possible "significant" increase in interest charged on Government debt.