Carolinas flood after Florence

  • Carolinas flood after Florence

Carolinas flood after Florence

America's Cajun Navy, Louisiana Cajun Navy and the United Cajun Navy are on location to aid those in the rising flood waters.

23-year-old Michael Dalton Prince died Sunday after the truck he was riding in lost control on a flooded two-lane road in Georgetown County, South Carolina, said Coroner Kenny Johnson.

Tornadoes continue to be an elevated risk in our area. Some areas have received over 30 inches of rain. In his path lay almost 2,000 factory farm cesspools loaded with hundreds of millions of gallons of toxic fecal waste, wastewater treatment plants, factories and communities, many of which were in the flood plain.

Waterkeeper Alliance's Dove told me that in his recent airplane forays over eastern North Carolina, "Some of those lagoons were so submerged that we didn't even know they were there when we photographed them". "So we are trying to get it dried out, so we can... get open and get everything squared away", said restaurant owner Raymond Karem.

As of Sunday, at least 14 deaths in the southeast US were being blamed on Florence, according to ABC News.

Cooper said 2,600 people were rescued in North Carolina, along with 300 animals, and that the rescues were continuing.

Emergency workers delivered truckloads of food and water to Wilmington, a city of 120,000 people mostly cut off from the rest of North Carolina by Florence's still-rising floodwaters, as helicopters and boat pulled people from homes swamped by swollen rivers.

S.C. officials advised northbound travelers coming from Georgia to either take I-85 through Greenville to Charlotte, or leave I-95 at Interstates 26 or 20, and drive to Columbia and get on I-77 to Charlotte.

Large segments of the major corridor also were closed in North Carolina, making north-south travel subject to long detours.

North Carolina authorities released a full list of deaths on Monday afternoon, bringing the death toll for the state up to 24.

The state board said it's already sending out state ballots for several counties that can't do so because of flooding, power and internet outages or because their offices are inaccessible.

"The neighbors told us our home was fine apart from a few branches down, so that's a relief at least", he added. State officials said there had been a small dam breach that did not cause any significant damage and they were monitoring other structures closely.

The Daily Mail reported that the dogs "nearly drowned in the Hurricane Florence's fast-rising flood waters" when they were "rescued from a property in Leland, North Carolina".

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen visited North Carolina on Monday to discuss the response and recovery efforts and tour flood-affected areas.