6 dogs rescued from locked flooded kennel as Hurricane Florence waters rose

  • 6 dogs rescued from locked flooded kennel as Hurricane Florence waters rose

6 dogs rescued from locked flooded kennel as Hurricane Florence waters rose

People in North Carolina and SC are coping with flooding, closed roads and power outages as what the National Hurricane Center now calls Post-Tropical Cyclone Florence moves toward the northeast.

Emergency workers have made at least 1,000 swift-water rescues in North Carolina by early Monday, the North Carolina Department of Public Safety said.

Many motorists driving on the just-reopened southbound I-95 lanes in SC appeared to be local, Collins said. Within two hours of setting up, they had treated at least five patients with issues ranging from an asthma attack to diabetic ketoacidosis, which can be life-threatening if left untreated, he said. "This is a monumental disaster for our state".

Florence is gone, devolving into a wet atmospheric blob drifting toward the Northeast, and the sun has finally come out here.

Freelance journalist Marcus DiPaola tweeted that he helped rescue six dogs in Leland, North Carolina, after they were left locked in an outdoor cage.

One of North Carolina's largest cities still is mostly cut off by floodwaters, so food, water and tarps are being brought into Wilmington by big military trucks and helicopters.

Yet one family riding out the storm on the outskirts of Lumberton said they're not budging.

"We wanted to pump their spirit up".

Local artist Kevin Bryant praised the effort, saying "it's good to get some support". "I think it's fair to say in terms of economic impact, rebuilding, that we are talking in the billions of dollars". I can see how badly we've been hit. "It happened so fast". "Portions of the northern Mid-Atlantic states and southern New England are expected to receive an additional 2 to 4 inches of rain.with isolated maximum amounts of 6 inches possible".

SC also has a new record for rainfall in a single tropical system.

More than 300 people remained Monday morning at a shelter on the campus of the University of North Carolina in Raleigh, the state capital which escaped the brunt of the storm. Rescuers have brought some food and water to the city of almost 120,000 people as the effects of Hurricane Florence, now downgraded to a tropical storm, continue to wreak havoc on the state.

"We had to evacuate". Relatives say that whether they stay or go, they'll have damage to contend with.

- Another person died in Pender County, according to the county's emergency management director. "They hope to be able to get back to their homes". The Little River in Manchester topped Hurricane Matthew's flood record at 32.19 feet.

Flash floods, landslide warnings and "prolonged significant river flooding" throughout the region will continue for the next few days, the National Weather Service (NWS) said.

Over 1,200 roads are closed due to flooding, including 356 primary roads. Authorities are telling people in the area to still be alert for the possibility of river flooding. The US president is also expected to visit the areas soon. The woman had driven around barricades to reach a closed road, the sheriff's office in Union County, near North Carolina's border with SC, said on Facebook.