Ryan Thomas gets emotional watching Celebrity Big Brother footage

  • Ryan Thomas gets emotional watching Celebrity Big Brother footage

Ryan Thomas gets emotional watching Celebrity Big Brother footage

While we were patiently waiting for relationship drama, it quickly turned into something else when Roxanne Pallett accused Ryan Thomas of hitting her.

Actor Ryan Thomas was crowned the victor of Celebrity Big Brother on Monday night, bringing to a close a dramatic series of the show which saw Jermaine Pennant as well as Roxanne Pallett make the headlines.

She left days later of her own accord, and after being shown the footage, admitted that she had got it wrong.

Speaking to Daily Star Online at the Debenhams Beauty Club Community launch party, Ashley spilled on her opinions of Roxanne.

'When I found out what her actual accusation was, I realised that it was a career destroyer and it became serious business.

'The thing that disturbed me the most is that when I talked to her, she said "ouch" and she said he didn't apologise, and you can see that he did'.

The former Coronation Street star appeared on Jeremy Vine on Wednesday morning to discuss the incident in which he was accused of punching his co-star Roxanne. He fought back tears as he was told how the public supported him through the Roxanne Pallett punch scandal.

Becoming visibly emotional, Thomas said: "I've not seen any of that back". It's just a bit odd. "That house, when something happens you can become very isolated but as it unraveled - it was just nice to have your fellow housemates support you".

On whether he could ever forgive Roxanne, Ryan added: "If she [Roxanne] wants sort of forgiveness and it makes her feel better then I would rather give her that because I think she's been punished enough by the public and the people around her".

'As long as she now gets the help she needs then I think it's time we all draw a line under it.

She branded herself "Britain's Most Hated Woman" last week when she sensationally quit the house after falsely accusing "broken man" Ryan - in what came to be known as "Punchgate".

"You know, it's something now, looking forward, it's not something I want to dwell on".

Ryan continued: "It's nothing to say I don't want to see her again".