Majority of Voters Say They Do Not Want Congress to Impeach Trump

  • Majority of Voters Say They Do Not Want Congress to Impeach Trump

Majority of Voters Say They Do Not Want Congress to Impeach Trump

Independent voters surveyed in the poll broke for Republicans, giving the party a 5-point lead over Democrats among unaffiliated voters.

But the good news for him is a plurality - 48 percent say he's mentally stable, compared to 42 percent who say he's not.

In November 2016, the same poll found 74 percent of voters believed Trump to be intelligent, representing a stunning 23-point decline since the president's election victory.

The latest CNN poll has Trump's approval rate at 36 percent, down from 42 last month. The poll from almost two years ago was taken less than two weeks after Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

Instead, the president is repeatedly muddling that message with easily debunked falsehoods or hyperbole about the state of the economy while pressing on with unpopular trade wars that frustrate establishment Republicans and business groups anxious about price increases. In CNN's poll, only 32 percent of adults said Trump is honest and trustworthy, a new low in CNN's polling. The same poll found 52 percent of Republican responders did not trust the allegations made in the anonymous op-ed in the New York Times by a "senior White House official", reports said.

As for the president's overall approval rating, Quinnipiac puts it nationwide at 38 percent, while 84 percent of registered Republicans support the president.

Trump's decreasing popularity with voters outside of the Republican Party can have a major effect in the results of the upcoming midterm elections. Michael Cohen, Trump's former attorney, pleaded guilty to eight federal crimes in the same month.

This, together with Trump choosing Brett Kavanaugh, an unpopular candidate, as Supreme Court nominee, might make it hard for the administration to project a confident image, which might be reflected in the November polls, Vox reported.

This year, though, the "negative toward both parties" group favors Democrats.