Landslide crashes on to tourist beach on Zante

A section of a cliff has fallen onto a popular beach on the western Greek island of Zakynthos, capsizing boats and injuring seven people, authorities said.

This is the terrifying moment Shipwreck Beach in Zante, Greece was hit by tonnes of rock falling from a cliff.

Also known as "shipwreck beach", the cove is only accessible by sea, and is famous for the wreckage of a small cargo ship that has been washed up on the beach since the '80s. As reported by Reuters, one Czech woman received injuries to her back and the coastguard transferred her to a local hospital [VIDEO].

While now, no one is missing, the coastguard called in helicopters and boats to search the area, in case anyone was trapped under the rocks. She was hospitalised together with her husband and two children, who suffered minor injuries. The fire department said it had sent 18 rescuers accompanied by a sniffer dog, while a further nine-person crew was heading to the site by helicopter.

Josh O'Connell, 21, of Kilkenny, Ireland, who works for a tour company on Zante, said there were more than a dozen tourist boats in the bay and 400-500 people in the area. According to the Associated Press, the incident began when a large chunk of limestone fell from a cliff into the ocean, creating a large wave that caused several small boats to capsize.