Juncker sparks Brexit love-in but divisions remain

  • Juncker sparks Brexit love-in but divisions remain

Juncker sparks Brexit love-in but divisions remain

Boosting the role of the euro as a reserve currency would also boost Brussels' diplomatic power by creating a means of skirting U.S. sanctions that it disagrees with, such as those slapped back on Tehran by Trump when he pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal earlier this year in the face of bitter European opposition.

Still, there will be support in Africa for any overtures towards a more balanced, mutually respectful, relationship with Europe.

Delivering his annual state-of-the-union speech to the European Parliament, Juncker said the EU will not allow Britain to participate only in some parts of the bloc's single market after Brexit without honouring all of its rules.

At the same time, he warned the other 27 member states remain united behind the commission's negotiating position and that the UK can not enjoy the same "privileged position" as a member state. I stick with the opinion that it was a correct decision after the fall of communism. When asked people in Ireland voted overwhelmingly to stop the clock changes and I think we must all listen to the citizens of Europe on this.

"Europe and its nations must move forward as one". This, he said, applied both to matters of migration and tax.

"We agree with the statement made in Chequers that the starting point for such a partnership should be a free trade area between the United Kingdom and the European Union". Let's be happy that we live on a continent of peace, on a continent that enjoys peace thanks to the European Union.

On the one hand, European Union leaders are still preoccupied by the challenge of uncontrolled immigration and its political consequences.

Juncker made no direct comment on Trump or USA policy but aides said the geopolitical situation he spoke of was a US retreat into what Juncker described elsewhere in the speech as "selfish unilateralism".

The proposal still requires approval from the EU's Parliament and member states before it becomes law. "I mean they want to build their Euro state, regardless whether people want it or not".

"There are no guarantees that our allies of yesterday will remain our allies of tomorrow", he added, announcing further proposals to strengthen the defence union, step up protection of EU external borders and reinforce the euro as an worldwide currency. "If they remain, they should be an unacceptable backwards step in Europe". "Thanks to the European Union efforts under the Juncker Commission, the Paris Agreement on climate change was signed and the deal with Iran was struck", Zlatev commented.

"Africa does not need charity, it needs true and fair partnerships".

Indeed Mr Juncker, pointing out that by 2050 a quarter of the world's population would be African, sketched out a plan, or an aspiration, to create up to 10 million jobs in Africa in the next five years alone.