EU Parliament launches action against Hungary over rule of law

  • EU Parliament launches action against Hungary over rule of law

EU Parliament launches action against Hungary over rule of law

"This decision condemning Hungary and the Hungarian people was made because we Hungarians have demonstrated that migration in not a necessary process and that migration can be stopped", Szijjarto added in comments to reporters in Budapest.

"You believe you know better than Hungarians themselves what they need".

The European Parliament is set to vote on a draft motion urging member states to trigger Article 7 of the EU's treaties against Hungary.

To become the first-ever case of the European Parliament asking EU capitals to launch the punitive mechanism against one of their own, it must win the backing of at least 376 lawmakers and two thirds of the votes cast.

But the European Commission, the EU's executive arm, launched similar steps under article seven against Poland in December past year over its alleged threat to the independence of the courts.

For years, Orban has successfully deflected much of the worldwide condemnation about Hungary's electoral system, media freedoms, independence of the judiciary, mistreatment of asylum-seekers and refugees and limitations on the functioning of non-governmental organizations, but criticism has been growing even within the European People's Party, to which his Fidesz party belongs.

A group of United Nations human rights experts on Tuesday expressed concern [press release] regarding Hungary's new immigration measures.

But Italy's anti-immigration Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said his League party's six European Union lawmakers would support Oran in the Wednesday vote.

The EPP decided on Tuesday evening that its lawmakers would vote freely without a unified stance from the whole group.

The EPP, the largest faction in the European Parliament, is split over whether to expel Orban's Fidesz party from its ranks for his infringements of Hungary's democratic values.

"The European Parliament rightly stood up for the Hungarian people and for the EU".

Timmermans said the European Commission has launched "audits and other investigations" into the alleged misuse in Hungary of EU funds.

Sargentini praised support for her motion from much of Orban's European People's Party in the chamber - the EPP includes Merkel's Christian Democrats - and she called on governments in the EU's Council to now take the unprecedented step of sanctioning a fellow member.

The right to the european Parliament, meeting within the EPP group, is "facing its ambiguities", said Wednesday, Marine Le Pen on the day of a vote in the european Parliament on a procedure for the Hungary of Viktor Orban, accused of violating EU values.

A majority of the issues addressed in the report do not fall under European Union jurisdiction, 13 of the 69 critical remarks have already been settled, and there are ongoing infringement procedures regarding many others, he said.

Recent developments in Hungary have led to a serious deterioration in the rule of law, democracy and fundamental rights which is testing the EU's ability to defend its founding values, the report found.

At stake is the ability of the European Union to interfere in the internal Affairs of its members for the protection of shared fundamental values.

The motion against Orban's Hungary goes well beyond the migration issue. "We are staying and we are fighting". "The decision has been made", Orban said.