Australian schoolgirl's national anthem protest — Harper Nielsen

  • Australian schoolgirl's national anthem protest — Harper Nielsen

Australian schoolgirl's national anthem protest — Harper Nielsen

A nine-year-old girl who refuses to stand during the national anthem at school has been called a "brat" who deserves suspension.

"We're talking about a child who has no idea about history -what we should do and what we need to do to pull everyone together, regardless of their cultural backgrounds - we are all Australians", she said.

Keyboard warriors have attacked Harper Nielsen after news broke of her protest.

Mr Watson said he wanted to remind people of Rosa Parks.

"It inspires people to question and challenge".

Nielsen said she decided not to stand for the anthem because it is racist.

In June, Australian states took steps towards the nation's first treaties with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk yesterday insisted it was a matter for the school, the student and her parents to solve.

Pauline Hanson, who made a name for herself espousing extreme anti-immigration and anti-refugee views, was slammed on Twitter over her comments on Harper's protest.

She disrespected the troops, one lawmaker said.

"I think he probably needs to grow up a bit".

"Shame on her parents for using her as a political pawn", he tweeted.

"Stop the silly protest and stand and sing proudly your National Anthem".

"I was really impressed and really proud of her for wanting to follow through on her beliefs."

Senator Hanson thought Harper was a "brat" who has been "brainwashed". The only problem is, after hearing the kid speak, I'm not convinced Hanson even has a chance.

"I'm angry about this.

This kid is headed down the wrong path ... take her out of the school".

"This is about standing and she is sitting in protest, it's not her not wanting to sing".

The school has offered Harper to leave the school hall while the anthem is being played.

"State schools set out clear standards of behaviour that they expect from their students in their Reasonable Behaviour Plan for Students". She also added that she would give the girl a good "kick up the backside" for her behaviour.

"This is not someone just saying they don't want to go to math class".

"When it says "we are young" it completely disregards the Indigenous Australians who were here before us", she told ABC news Australia.

Jones was incensed by this, and said that "colonisation brought the kind of tremendous wealth that all Australians now enjoy".

Despite the 4BC commentary, Harper has received a lot of support online.

Nine-year-old Harper Nielson claimed on The Project that "Advance Australia Fair" was originally written to mean advancing white Australia.

Meanwhile, co-host Karl Stefanovic levelled blame at the parents.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Queensland's Department of Education said it had met with the student and family involved to discuss the issue.

"Schools have rules and they have to be abided by".

Mark Nielsen, Harper's father, told Nine News his daughter was "very fearless", adding he had met with the school's principal but no agreement had been reached.