Netflix To Begin Interrupting Binge Watchers Between Episodes By Testing Ads

  • Netflix To Begin Interrupting Binge Watchers Between Episodes By Testing Ads

Netflix To Begin Interrupting Binge Watchers Between Episodes By Testing Ads

Since then, we have been experimenting even more with video based on personalized recommendations for shows and movies on the service or coming shortly, and continue to learn from our members.

But in between episodes, BAM - a video ad drops in and interrupts the flow, promoting a different show that the streaming service thinks you'll want to watch.

According to Pop Culture, Netflix is now testing displaying ads in between your favorite shows - Without an option to skip said ads.

Netflix says the ads are skippable, so if you can find the remote or the mouse quick enough, you don't have to sit through a promo clip of Ozark or Better Call Saul. For most subscribers, the service will continue to be ad-free. If Netflix takes user feedback into account, we might not see a broad launch of the promotion ads mid episodes.

The online streaming giant has confirmed the news to TechCrunch and these promos are full-screen videos, personalised to the user, featuring content that Netflix would have otherwise suggested elsewhere in its user interface.

It is being reported that Cord Cutters News had first spotted the test which was followed by the complaints made by users on Reddit. The original post on Reddit has since been removed for whatever reason, but the thread of comments remain, many of them negative. This time though it seems like they are testing them between episodes, and according to United Kingdom subscribers the ads can not be skipped. Also, a number of users had also tweeted regarding the new developments on Twitter. It also seems that the ads are purely for shows and movies on Netflix, not actual commercials from other companies.

Netflix may be planning to change that, if the test is any indication.

In this particular case, we are testing whether surfacing recommendations between episodes helps members discover stories they will enjoy faster.

They claimed it conducts hundreds of tests per year, most of which aren't adopted. Should the company decide to roll it out to all its roughly 130 million subscribers, however, there are going to be a lot of angry people begrudgingly dragging themselves off couches to reach for that "skip" button on their laptops. They can be skipped.