Genoa bridge collapse: thousands attend state funeral for victims

  • Genoa bridge collapse: thousands attend state funeral for victims

Genoa bridge collapse: thousands attend state funeral for victims

Shares in the operator's parent, Milan-listed worldwide Atlantia, fell by as much as 25 percent at one point as investors spooked by threats of government retaliation dumped the stock.

The bridge was managed by private motorway company Autostrade per l'Italia, which the Italian government is holding responsible for the tragedy.

Clouds of white smoke from the fire held up part of the operation on Friday, Aug. 17, as Italians prepared to bury the 38 victims of the disaster. He says he immediately understood that the structure was collapsing.

Shares in the parent company of Autostrade per l'Italia, which runs the highway plunged more than 30 per cent in the days after the collapse, but were recovering slightly on Friday as investors said government threats to revoke its concessions might be political rhetoric rather than a likely outcome.

President Sergio Materella, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini are among the politicians who will participate in the funeral service at a convention center in the city, led by the city's archbishop, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco.

"We are trying to find pockets in the rubble where people could be - alive or not", fire official Emanuele Gissi told AFP.

Lega Serie A has confirmed that, while Genoa and Sampdoria's season-openers have been postponed due to the tragic Ponte Morandi bridge collapse on Tuesday, the remainder of the weekend's games will go ahead as scheduled. "Then the earth-moving equipment moves in to create an opening from where the dogs enter", said Zanut, one of some 340 firefighters working shifts at the scene since Tuesday.

Experts said the bridge had problems soon after it was completed in 1967 and some of the stays were reinforced in the 1990s. Outside, he said, "there was an unreal silence" - destroyed vehicles and piles of broken concrete and asphalt, but no signs of life, no cries for help.

"I heard a noise, a tiresome noise", he said. "I can't see them investing any resources into a new bidding process". "A vehicle in front of me disappeared into the darkness", he said.

One survivor, whose auto plunged from the bridge to the bottom along with falling sections of highway, told the Associated Press how as a trained firefighter he immediately understood that the structure had collapsed when the road dropped out from under him.

About 600 people have had to leave their homes which sit below the remaining spans of the bridge, for fear of further collapse. Officials have said the buildings will be demolished as it's now too risky for people to stay there.

The government has said alternative housing will be found, although it may take months to re-house everyone.