Tesla’s Model 3 production head has returned to Apple

  • Tesla’s Model 3 production head has returned to Apple

Tesla’s Model 3 production head has returned to Apple

Field was Apple's vice president of Mac hardware engineering and moved to Tesla in 2013, where he oversaw production of the Tesla Model 3 vehicle until this May. Mansfield was the person who, reportedly, moved the Apple's auto project from a full-on vehicle to just a self-driving system.

Doug Field - who previously served head of Tesla Model 3 production until his April reassignment by CEO Elon Musk - opted to take a leave of absence in May in order to spend time with family and recover his energy.

However, he claims that Field's re-hiring is particularly noteworthy "because it suggests to me that Apple still has an interest in making actual vehicles", countering reports that Apple has "scaled back the project".

Little has been heard of Apple's "Project Titan" since reports in 2016 that "several hundred hardware engineers" were either laid off or reassigned. Last year, he was put in charge of the electric automaker's aggressive drive to ramp up production of the Model 3. Apple has declined to comment on whether Field is part of the vehicle initiative or not. The field will again be working with Bob Mansfield. Come July, however, Tesla announced he wasn't working for the company any more.

The chief engineer of Tesla, Doug Field, has left the electric auto company to return to Apple according to the Verge.

Field's decision to rejoin Apple represents another interesting twist in the battle for automotive talent between the iPhone maker and Tesla. An Apple spokesperson has since confirmed the hire.

A sketch of a possible Apple Car interior helped illustrate the tech giant's patent application.

The following year, Tesla struck back, recruiting software developer Chris Lattner, one of the creators of Apple's Swift programming language.

Field has spent the past five years at Tesla. He immediately shuttered the teams working on the physical vehicle hardware.