Samsung finally unveils its much-anticipated Galaxy Watch

  • Samsung finally unveils its much-anticipated Galaxy Watch

Samsung finally unveils its much-anticipated Galaxy Watch

At Samsung's "Unpacked" event in New York-which is mostly devoted to the new Galaxy Note9 phone-the company is announcing that it's scored an exclusive for Fortnite's new version.

Epic's Tim Sweeney announced at the Samsung Note 9 reveal event that the Android beta for the popular Battle Royale game is now live to all Galaxy users, and that it'll be coming to all Android devices later this week.

The wearable market is about to get a tad heated this year as two of the major players on the scene - Apple and Samsung - are slated to release their fresh new top-shelf wearables.

Geekbench 4 measures overall performance. Fact aside that big phones would have nearly certainly been a thing even if Samsung hadn't ever built the first Note, it's easy to see why this kind of marketing is effective; the idea that by buying a phone you're not just buying a phone, you're expressing your loyalty to a particular tribe of the larger smartphone community. Although the OnePlus 6 scored higher, it packs 8GB of RAM compared to the Note 9's 6GB.

The Note 9, which comes in multiple hues including blue and purple in the U.S and black and copper internationally, sports an upgraded version of Samsung's DeX system.

OnePlus 6 only costs $579.

Because this is a new phone that they are really trying to push, they have increased the instant discounts over what you'll likely find in a month or so after the Note 9 launches.

I don't want to ask for too much, but if Samsung can do what it just did with pricing and apply it to bloatware and unnecessary software pre-installed software on future devices, I think everyone would appreciate it.

Because it uses Bluetooth, the S Pen now has a battery in it, which charges while it's stored inside of the Note9.

Fortnite will be available on other, non-Samsung Android devices in "the next few days", according to The Verge.

A 21 percent boost in battery capacity from last year's Note 8 should translate to more than a day of normal use without a recharge. The base price of $999 for the 128GB model matches that of the iPhone X, albeit with double the storage. The Note was the first modern enthusiast's smartphone, and it attracted a fiercely loyal buyer who, to put it bluntly, thought big-ass phones were awesome and that iPhones couldn't possibly meet a power user's needs.

However, there is a change when you spin the Note around as the fingerprint scanner has now been moved to a much more convenient position under the dual-lens camera.

Mr McGregor said the Galaxy Watch would also be the first cellular smartwatch to work with payment technology from all of Australia's "Big Four" banks, allowing users to pay for goods by tapping the wristwatch on contactless payment terminals at the counter.

Of course, if you just want a powerhouse (something you could use as a work phone, for example) then the Note 9 has you covered. Samsung's screens have always been one of the best things about its phones and this time is no different.