Incredible "firenado" caught on camera in England

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Incredible "firenado" caught on camera in England

Firefighters witnessed the event while battling a blaze at a recycling center on Occupation Lane, according to Tom Augusztinyi, a watch manager at the fire department.

Wind whipped fire from a blaze at a plastics factory in Derbyshire, England, into a tornado-like whirl on August 6 as firefighters worked to extinguish the flames.

The stunning "firenado" was captured by firefighters.

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue service took to Facebook to explain that the fire whirl is formed in a similar way to a tornado, as cold air meets hot air.

Bosses at the factory, which makes the bread trays for the whole of the United Kingdom, said the outside storage unit had been "completely gutted" by the blaze, destroying more than 600,000 trays in the process.

The 50-feet (15.2m) high whirling phenomenon was filmed by emergency services personnel while they attended a fire at a plastic-pallet factory in Albert Village in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Thick black smoke from thousands of plastic pallets on fire could be seen across the East Midlands. While there had been three employees in the building at the time of the fire, no injuries were reported.

'Had it been near Christmas when the trays are returned we could have had up to 1.5 million there and it probably would have been something you could see from space'.