God of War’s New Game Plus due to arrive on August 20

  • God of War’s New Game Plus due to arrive on August 20

God of War’s New Game Plus due to arrive on August 20

Sony Santa Monica has announced that the God of War New Game+ mode will roll out for PlayStation 4 on August 20.

To find out more about God of War, keep an eye on its website. To access New Game Plus, the company says: "You'll need to complete the story campaign of God of War on any difficulty". After that, the feature will be available once players have then patched the game with the New Game Plus update as well.

All things considered, it's great to see Santa Monica Studio following through with yet another solid piece of post-launch support for God of War, as director Cory Barlog initially wasn't promising New Game Plus would even make it into the title. New Game+ unlocks after you finish the regular game once, as you might expect. You'll start the journey over with all of your previous armors, enchantments, talismans, resources, and abilities.

Unique to New Game+ is a brand new rarity level of equipment to craft and upgrade!

The mode won't just toss players back into the game they just beat with some now-overpowered gear, though.

With New Game+ comes new gear, more hard enemies, cinematic skipping, and more. Speaking of armors, you can collect a new type of resource called "Skap Slag" to give your gear the highest upgrade possible. Lastly, users can now skip all of the in-game cinematics in normal and New Game Plus after they've beaten the game once.

The update is the biggest one God of War has ever received, the developers said, and it's will be released on August 20.