Facebook Brings AR games to it's Messenger Video Chat

  • Facebook Brings AR games to it's Messenger Video Chat

Facebook Brings AR games to it's Messenger Video Chat

Up to six people will be able to play competitive games, using expressions and facial movements to interact with and control the AR elements.

'Account linking enables people to receive real-time updates in Facebook Messenger where people can keep track of their transaction data like account balances, receipts and shipping updates.

Facebook has copied another one of Snapchat's features, and this time it brings augmented reality games to Messenger video chats.

Dubbed "Don't Smile" and "Asteroids Attack", both are determined to make speaking with those closest to you more engaging then ever.

Most often, if video chats go long, we do things to pass the time-Facebook is giving us a way to do that right on the video message. Could the move combat increasing attention on the negative aspects of social media, or even make social media a more positive aspect of people's lives?

Users will need to have the latest version of Facebook Messenger to gain access to the new games.

Asteroids Attack sees you control a spaceship with your nose and moving your head around the screen to avoid asteroids. It also sees Facebook taking a leaf out of the book of many Asian messaging platforms, which have integrated a wide range of games and other services into apps that began life as simple chat services. Click the star button and select one of the AR games from the list. Future augmentations will incorporate Beach Bump (bobbing a ball amongst players) and Kitten Kraze (matching cats).

The messages contain a link which could steal a user's login credentials by taking them to another website which appears to be the Facebook login page, when in fact it is controlled by a fraudster.

But before seeking to establish partnerships with banks through its Messenger app, Facebook should strive harder to win back the trust of its users, who have become wary of tech tools that have access to their personal data.