Want to see the Perseid Meteor shower?

  • Want to see the Perseid Meteor shower?

Want to see the Perseid Meteor shower?

Possibly the best meteor shower this year will streak across the sky Saturday and Sunday nights.

In addition to the showers, lucky sky watchers may see the Milky Way stretching from the south into the overhead dome, Boyle said in a news release. The only concern for viewing is wildfire smoke is likely to stay parked over Montana through next week.

At 9 p.m. a ranger will lead a short talk about the Perseid meteor shower, followed by an opportunity to view the sky from the grassy lawn in the parking lot area.

Why does this occur every summer? "The Earth can pass into this dust and (the) tiny particles hit the Earth's atmosphere at high speed and burn up causing a flash of a meteor".

The space debris that "interacts" with our atmosphere and results in the Perseids originates from comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle, NASA reports.

This week, the possibility of seeing shooting stars increases significantly, as we run up to the zenith of the annual Perseids meteor shower.

Jay Bjerke, president of the Fargo-Moorhead Astronomy Club, said the best location to view the meteor shower will be away from city lights.

Unfortunately the earth will pass through the thickest part of the dust field during the day on Friday and will not be visible but at night there will be enough debris to see the light show. A lot of them burn up completely in the atmosphere.

Here are 5 facts to know about what to expect and where in IL the meteor show can be seen.

During the Perseid meteor shower, spectators will see about 60 to 70 meteors per hour. However, most like the Perseid, can only be seen under ideal conditions, which according to Blake, will take place August 10-14.

EarthSky also says that it is important to know that all meteors come from a single point in the sky. Bear in mind that between 10pm and 11pm, the meteor shower can be seen by looking slightly more to the north, even though the direction of the meteor shower is still towards the northeast.

If you're out at night, even in August, the temperature can get quite chilly, so dress accordingly and take extra warm layers even if it doesn't feel cold when you head out.