Reports says small percentage use Amazon Alexa for shopping

  • Reports says small percentage use Amazon Alexa for shopping

Reports says small percentage use Amazon Alexa for shopping

Alexa is testing "Answer Update" - a feature that will notify users when Amazon's voice assistant learns the answer to a question it didn't know when first asked. The skill will not be triggered "after listening to a news item or other information about a news item".

Of those 2% who bought something, 90% of them didn't make any additional purchases through Alexa, according to the report.

It's not clear why exactly more Alexa device owners are not making purchases with their voice. Even these applications can be cagey since the voice-controlled systems most of the time turn simple tasks into shouting sessions.

This all makes sense, because browsing the actual Amazon website to buy things is indisputably a better way to comparison shop than having options conveyed via speech. After enabled, users will get a notification about an updated answer on the device they use with the AI when the new response is available.

"Integrating Amazon Alexa in our range represents a great boost to SEAT's digital ecosystem and connectivity and certainly contributes to position the brand as a front-runner in connected vehicles in Europe", says SEAT President Luca de Meo. Though it will be easier to see for how long users will remain on the board just for the sake of a few bucks before switching back to the site like they did before.

"Clearly, voice shopping is not yet in the stage of being a mass market product", one of the sources said. The bad news is Amazon's sale is limited to one device per customer. "We want to enable customers to shop in whatever way is easiest for them". It offers a wide variety of features including but not limited to answering questions. (Thus, the inclination towards home products, for example, phone charger, a new T.V., or a kitchen knife) is more, as the exact selection of the item doesn't matter much.