Multiple people hospitalized after softball-sized hail hits Colorado Springs, Colorado

"It became a unsafe situation for both guests, staff and also our animals", Koch told KKTV in Colorado Springs, which characterized the afternoon storm as one of the worst to hit the Pikes Peak region this summer.

Chastain said 16 other animals outside of the duck and the vulture were injured; most had welts from the giant hail that pummeled the zoo.

The hailstorm hit the zoo around 3:30 p.m. on Monday and 14 people were hurt in the storm.

The zoo said Daisy, a 4-year-old muscovy duck, and Motswari, a 13-year-old cape vulture, were killed in the storm. She called the damage to the zoo, which was closed Tuesday, "extensive".

Five people were taken to the hospital with traumatic injuries after the short but intense afternoon storm passed over Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, according to the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

Hail as big as softballs turned the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs into what one guest called a "war zone" on Monday.

Her husband, Joshua, said the hail broke through the ceiling. None of the children attending zoo camp was injured.

There are widespread reports of damage to soldiers' vehicles at Fort Carson as the hail fell. Me and my husband were like, 'This is really happening, we've got to get our kids safe.' Glass was flying everywhere.

The severe weather moved through southern Colorado where a severe thunderstorm warning was in effect for hours on Monday afternoon. The same Instagram user shared that their vehicle was totaled in the storm once they got back to the parking lot.

The National Weather Service said hail the size of baseballs was reported at the zoo and softball-sized hail was reported in the neighboring city of Security.

Guests at the zoo mainly took shelter on their own under whatever was nearby, the spokesperson said.

"The bears were running around and there was no cover available for them", he said.