Portland Police Disperse Crowds at Patriot Prayer Event

  • Portland Police Disperse Crowds at Patriot Prayer Event

Portland Police Disperse Crowds at Patriot Prayer Event

They told people not to bring weapons and warned that checkpoints and bomb-sniffing dogs would be on hand. Patriot Prayer also has held rallies in many other cities around the U.S. West, including Berkeley, Calif., another left-leaning community. One of the rounds reportedly hit a counter-protester in the head, becoming embedded in his helmet and injuring him. Eder Campuzano said later on Twitter that he was "okay".

Police deployed "flash bangs" and other devices to try to disperse the crowds.

The situation was declared a "civil disturbance" by Portland police after officers said projectiles were thrown, including bottles and rocks.

FOX 12 reached out to police for more information about the injuries that were reported, but have not heard back. "We've got to get them out of the way so we can truly march the streets with thousands of people, so that we can actually come together with liberals".

Self-described anti-fascists - or "antifa" - have been organizing anonymously online to confront Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys in the streets.

Saturday's rally was in stark contrast with two other rallies organized by Gibson this summer that ended in bloody fistfights and riots that sent one counterprotester to the hospital with a skull fracture. "Our country is getting soft".

Demonstrators aligned with Patriot Prayer and an affiliated group, the Proud Boys, gathered around mid-day in a riverfront park.

It's the group's third such rally in Portland, which has again drawn self-described anti-fascist counter-protesters.

Police maintained a heavy presence in the city of 640,000 people, amid fears of a return to the violence seen in Charlottesville, Virginia a year ago, when a counter-protester was killed.

A weapon is confiscated by police before the rally.

They also showed police presence.

A right-wing group and self-described anti-fascist counter-protesters are rallying in Portland, Oregon, as police tried to prevent the gatherings from turning violent as they have before. That's it, " Gibson told Portland TV station KGW while walking with demonstrators.

This time, Gibson changed the venue from a federal plaza outside U.S. District Court to a waterfront park so some of his OR supporters could carry concealed weapons as they demonstrate. In a statement, police said weapons may be seized if there is a violation of law and added that it is illegal in Portland to carry a loaded firearm in public unless a person has a valid OR concealed handgun licence.

Police in Portland, Oregon, say there will be "weapon screening locations" at the entrances to the site of a planned protest by a right-wing group. A large police presence surrounded the scene, with officers working to keep the groups separated. It is illegal in Portland to carry a loaded firearm in public unless a person has a concealed handgun license.

Despite initial fears the rally could be the most violent far-right rally since Charlottesville, potential violence was largely kept at bay during the charged protests.

Among the groups rallying against the far-right event were the local chapter of Democratic Socialists of America, Popular Mobilization ("Pop Mob") and a slew of anti-fascist organisations.

Hundreds of demonstrators and counterdemonstrators met in downtown Portland on Saturday, leading to four arrests.

More than a dozen people were arrested during dueling protests in June 2017, when hundreds of supporters of President Donald Trump converged downtown for an event billed as a "Trump Free Speech" rally. Maria Cantwell of Washington state, said in a live video on Facebook earlier this week that he won't stop bringing his followers to Portland until they can express their right-wing views without interference. The protest was organized by the far-right groups Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys, who do not explicitly refer to themselves as "alt-right" or white supremacist groups, but have been linked to the white supremacist movement.