‘Facts of Life’ actress Charlotte Rae dies at 92

  • ‘Facts of Life’ actress Charlotte Rae dies at 92

‘Facts of Life’ actress Charlotte Rae dies at 92

The stage and TV actress was home in Los Angeles when she died, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Rae began her career in theater, earning Tony nominations for her performances in Morning Noon and Night and Pickwick on Broadway.

Rae previous year told People Magazine that she learned she had been diagnosed bone cancer.

Her big break into national notoriety came in 1978, when producer Norman Lear cast her in Diff'rent Strokes.

The Tony and Emmy nominated actress appeared on the popular 1980s sitcom "The Facts of Life" for almost 10 years, sharing her personal struggles with the writers for the show to keep things realistic.

She played Edna Garrett in "Diff'rent Strokes" and then on the beloved spinoff "The Facts of Life". She roomed with Cloris Leachman and also befriended Paul Lynde, then she began doing standup comedy in the NY cabaret scene in the early 1950s. She played the same character heading up at an all-girls boarding school. She continued making guest appearances on TV and taking small roles in films. Even while appearing on The Facts of Life, she also appeared on The Love Boat, playing three different roles in four episodes between 1982 and 1985. She has 93 acting credits to her name.

She married composer John Strauss in 1951, and the couple had two sons, Larry and Andrew.

The actress released a memoir in 2015 called "The Facts of My Life" in which she recounted the challenges faced by her family.

Kim Fields, who portrayed Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey on the hit sitcom, was one of the first to express her grief, writing on Twitter, "You all already know my heart is heavy yet.... sorry, no words at the moment just love and tears... and yeah, smiles...." "I'm not in any pain right now", she explained at the time.

"At the age of 91, I have to make up my mind".