Apple takes an axe to its App Affiliate Program

  • Apple takes an axe to its App Affiliate Program

Apple takes an axe to its App Affiliate Program

The decision was made based on features in the new app stores for iOS and Mac. With a lesser focus on the affiliate programme, commissions for iOS and Mac apps and in-app content will soon be removed by Apple.

Apple has announced that it is removing apps from its affiliate program.

Apple said its App Stores for iOS and macOS, which were redesigned a year ago, increased the ways that people learn about mobile applications. The company had rolled out a revamped iOS App Store with iOS 11, and is working on a new Mac App Store in macOS Mojave. The implication seems to be that Apple's own app discovery algorithms are now sufficiently driving revenues, and it no longer needs sites to recommend and link to specific apps and games. Initially, the program was launched to give affiliates 7% of any app purchase but they dropped the cut to 2.5% in April previous year.

Having once enabled sites to earn 7 percent commission for app sales, Apple then dropped this to just 2.5 percent. With the latest information, the commission is gone completely.

Apple is closing down its App Store affiliate program that enabled services that recommended apps or in-app content to share in a small percentage of the revenue generated.

An email sent to members of the affiliate program said that it was being closed due to "the launch of the new App Store on both iOS and macOS, and their increased methods of app discovery". Now, later this year, the program is being taken down entirely, except for purchases that extend to music, movies, books, and TV shows purchased via the App Store. The company is maintaining its referral rate of 7% for music, movies, books and TV programs.