Health officials: Condoms are not meant to be reused

In a trend worthy of "condomnation", people are apparently trying to stretch their dollars by reusing old condoms.

Reanne Sanford has worked for the past 15 years as a sexual health nurse at Northern Health.

The US government wants you to know that washing and reusing your condoms is gross and wrong, as well as unhealthy. "Don't wash or reuse condoms!".

Many on social media expressed surprise over the fact people reuse condoms, and some were even "disgusted" when the CDC issued the reminder.

There are many things that can and should be recycled, but condoms are definitely not one of them.

While the recent findings from the American-based report may seem troubling, Sanford has not come across this problem within the health authority.

The CDC issued another bit of advice about safe sex practice in a second tweet.

Correctly using male condoms, female condoms and dental dams every time, can reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and viral hepatitis.

"We say it because people do it, " the CDC message reads, adding "use a fresh one for each sex act".

One user, champale mami, wrote: "I'm just upset that this is something that people needed to be told". For more information about condom effectiveness or about sexually transmitted diseases, visit the CDC's website.