Trump to Freeze Obama's Auto Mileage Rules, Rescind California's Emissions Authority

  • Trump to Freeze Obama's Auto Mileage Rules, Rescind California's Emissions Authority

Trump to Freeze Obama's Auto Mileage Rules, Rescind California's Emissions Authority

On Thursday, the Trump administration announced that it would be freezing Obama-era fuel efficiency guidelines that required USA vehicles to become significantly more fuel efficient.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) on Thursday blasted President TrumpDonald John TrumpPro-Trump pastor: Trump is "the most pro-black" president I've ever seen Trump renews calls for interview with Mueller: report CNN's Acosta: Hannity is "injecting poison into the nation's political bloodstream" MORE for his administration's plan to strip California of its ability to determine its own vehicle regulations for greenhouse gas emissions.

Taken together, the proposal is an aggressive move to dismantle what some environmentalists have hailed as one of the most potent efforts anywhere in the world to combat climate change.

President Donald Trump listens as Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., speaks at a rally in Nashville, Tenn. on May 29, 2018.

"We are delivering on President Trump's promise to the American public that his administration would address and fix the current fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions standards", said Andrew Wheeler, the EPA's acting administrator. Automakers, who had asked to be relieved of some of the mandates, have expressed misgivings about having to accommodate a patchwork of federal and state standards. It called its plan a "50-state fuel economy and tailpipe carbon dioxide emissions standard for passenger cars and light trucks". As such, more people will apparently buy them, resulting in a larger proportion of the population driving around in safer and newer vehicles.

The administration's announcement that it will relax future fuel economy (CAFE) standards is good news for consumers. "We're going to help the companies, and they're going to help you".

Heidi King, deputy administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, said the freeze would reduce highway deaths by 1,000 per year "by reducing these barriers that prevent consumers from getting into the newer, safer, cleaner, more fuel-efficient cars".

Representatives of the USA auto industry praised the administration's proposal, even as some automakers privately have expressed unease at the prospect of abrupt changes in fuel standards and having to meet different standards in different states.

The plan to revise pollution rules has been in the works for more than a year.

In Thursday's proposal, the Trump administration argues that its proposed freeze will have a "negligible" impact on air quality, and boost the earth's temperature by 3/1000th of one degree Celcius by 2100.

"The clean vehicle standards are already saving our families billions at the pump, supporting almost 300,000 American jobs, and cleaning up unsafe tailpipe pollution", said Rhea Suh, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council. Nobody in any regulatory agency has ever done a cost-benefit analysis anything like this, " said Nic Lutsey, an engineer at the International Council on Clean Transportation.

Gina McCarthy, thes EPA administrator under Obama, said the reversal of these standards "run contrary to sound science and the law".

The rollback has provoked outcry from environmental and health groups, as well as states who are pushing for cleaner vehicle fleets.