Roku TV Wireless Speakers effortlessly boost your Roku TV's audio game

  • Roku TV Wireless Speakers effortlessly boost your Roku TV's audio game

Roku TV Wireless Speakers effortlessly boost your Roku TV's audio game

Available for preorder at $149 beginning today through July 23, $179 starting July 24 through October 15, and $199 thereafter, the Roku TV Wireless Speakers - quite the literal name - are created to provide improved audio quality for today's super-slim TVs.

In addition to voice control, there are volume, play or pause, and skip forward and/or back buttons on the remote; two buttons can be programmed to save favorite voice commands as presets.

With the wireless speakers, the hassle of wires, receivers, and a million remote controls disappears.

When Roku quietly acquired a Denmark-based multi-room audio startup called Dynastrom in late 2017, it didn't announce what, exactly, Roku - a patently TV-focused company - needed a bunch of audio engineers for. Included is a simple point-anywhere remote control that works with both devices. One is a Roku TV voice remote that can replace the infrared-only remote included with some Roku TVs, allowing control without direct line of sight and enabling voice search through the remote instead of relying on the Roku app. Pairing the devices to your Roku TV is also expected to be easy thanks to the inclusion of the company's Roku Connect technology.

The Roku TV Wireless Speakers will be available by year's end for $199.99, but Roku is offering a pre-order discount.

The voice aspect of the new products is particularly intriguing since Roku's voice assistant doesn't live in the wireless speakers. That is, the speakers don't work with the far more popular Roku set-top boxes, or with most smart TVs. If you buy an item through our links, Vulture may earn an affiliate commission.

What he doesn't say, at least not very clearly, is that the Roku TV Wireless Speakers only work with Roku TV-branded smart TVs that are sold by a handful of hardware makers.

Roku shares the contents of the Roku TV Wireless Speakers below.

The Roku TV Wireless Speaker bundle - initially to be available to order only via - includes two speakers, a new Roku TV Voice Remote, the Roku Touch tabletop remote, two power cables, and four AAA batteries. From today until July 23, get the speakers from Roku for $149.99; if you miss that window, they'll be $179.99 between July 24 and October 15. Beginning October 16, pricing is $199.99.